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December 9, 2009

today’s the day
that we officially
no longer “own” debt/property.

i’m excited for the new owners.
i believe they’ll love the house,
and spend many happy years there.

we’ll head off to SUNNY MEXICO!
(phoebe says that in a friends episodio,
remember? the one with the blind date.)

on my lunch break
i drove to the gas station, to get a coffee,
and when i came out the employees were all taking
a smoke break and pointing at my car and saying,
“hey look, you’re tire is flat.”

and i said,
“yes, i fill it all the time,
aaand my backseat is full of water,
because my sunroof must leak,
and my turn signals don’t work either,
and i’m driving this car
to mexico,
next month
when i move there.”

they laughed
i think because,
they thought i was making a joke.
that, or,
they thought i was crazy,
and crazy makes
everyone laugh uncomfortably.

i let them think either one,
and laughed along.

“there’s free air at the place up the road.”

“thank you,
hard to find anymore,
i’ll get some now.”

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