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January 7, 2010

we had a wonderful time in oklahoma,
staying with my friend lola and her boppie.
it was magnificent to be in a home,
with a home cooked pot roast.

then, bright and early-ish,
after making lola late for her support raising training with traveling team…


we made it.

and we saw this:

and also
lots of cattle, horses, ranches, and oil rigs.
we happily watched the thermostat climb from the teens to around 52°
and we were overjoyed until we heard reports that the cold was following us,
and the storm would lead to all time lows in the region by 12-25°

we are loving austin.
so far mostly due to our luxury accomodations.

a friend gave us two nights here as a wedding gift.
the resort is built into the hillside and overlooks the lake.

naturally we used our fancy robes to visit the infinity pools and the hot tubs.
actually, listening to a million miles in a thousand years is what made it natural.
otherwise i may have said i just wanted to crash in bed and watch a movie.
but the idea that i would be writing a boring story with my life haulted that right quick.
that’s also why i am writing this as quickly as i can, I MUST GET OUT THERE AND LIVE.
you too.

today we will tour around austin,
tomorrow san antonio,
then spend the night in laredo,
and cross the border there on saturday.
then we drive across the reportedly treacherous,
sierra madre
to home.

adventure ahead.

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  1. Tyler permalink
    January 7, 2010 20:40

    try not to have to much fun.

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