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January 21, 2010

i just want you to look closely at that picture.

tell me
how many people are visible in it.
how many careful people?

now, separately
did you maybe guess that we’re getting a little busy here?

i have been

working shifts at the coffee shop,
and trying to come up with some new ideas,
for how to add some more efficiency and flavor.

and justin has been

-learning spanish.
-being mr. honey-does-it-all for the whole house.
-doing pick-ups and deliveries.
-learning the complicated science that is coffee roasting.
-meeting with local ministry heads
to figure out what sorts of outreaches
and community service projects
the students that come can be involved in.

here is a picture of the kitchen at a rehab
that justin visited today
that we might get involved with:

there is an open cinder block firepit behind the black plastic.
the blue bins are the laundry and dish area.

we still find time to ride around on the scooter together.
take sea-glass collecting and photo journalistic dates.

like where we find mazatlanian love cacti.

or is it political vandalism?
i prefer to assume the former.

these guys are everywhere:

they look to me like the kind of storks that babies come in.

bringing it all back around
these guys are everywhere too:

that is tom and their 2 youngest coming home from school.
mia, their 7 yr. old is on the front,
and brisa their 9 yr. old is on the back.

tom and his wife heidi own the coffee shop and house
and are the ministry pioneers.

their other daughter, shelley, is down for the season,
helping manage the shop.

their daughter, bridget, and daughter-in-law, katie,
are down here with bridget’s kids this week.
bridget and i were best friends in fifth and seventh grade.
it has been a true joy to see her again and spend time together.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 21, 2010 21:30

    Great pics – very photojournalist of you. props.
    Sooper busy fo sho! So thankful to be your friend.
    I picked up my phone to call you today and was like…ohhhhhh. that will never work.
    you are loved. .both of you.

  2. Dad permalink
    January 22, 2010 20:59

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. I will pass your link along to our prayer people in case they want to read up on your journeys. Love you.

  3. jill permalink
    January 26, 2010 22:04

    Love , love reading about what’s going on with the two of you. So excited for you guys. Looks like you are really super busy. Love to you both, from the two of us.
    Mom and Dad

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