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January 29, 2010

though i know it to be hugely popular-
i wasn’t typically the one to suggest or yearn for,
mexican or southwestern inspired cuisine.
and neither, for that matter, was justin.

so it’s a little ironic that we moved here.

it was probably after the third day of
tortilla, meat, cheese, beans,
assembled in similar montages-
that he thrilled at the sight of
simple pasta and red sauce.
he also howled in frustration
in the grocery store when he couldn’t find
a single bag of chips without a
picture of a chili pepper on them.

my problem is different.
because while i am relishing the
abundance of avocado and various fresh fruits
that i had long missed—
living in mexico makes me crave ecuadorian food,
in the worst way.

they don’t make anything like it here.
it’s painful.

i know, it’s mexico.
what did i expect?  well, nothing,
i knew i was moving to mexico.
it’s just that there are similarities,
in other areas.

it’s a lot like a living in
an ecuadorian coastal town would be.
the language is a little different.
i get chastised for sounding too proper or formal
in conversation, when i am speaking
typical ecuadorian spanish.
i mean, if i learned to speak this way as a child,
how formal can it really be?
but here every other word is local slang,
therefore every sentence is half/foreign to me.

but then, an ecuadorian coastal town,
would have similar hardships.
PLUS it would have ecuadorian food.
here i find myself wanting to go grab
a yummy pansito, a delicious bowl of soup,
an humita, some menestra…
i could go on, but there’s no point.
none of it exists here.

i did have some
lamb slow-cooked in an underground oven,
at this yesteraunt.
(i spelled that wrong on purpose because
i thought it might be cute to do so
in order to indicate that the restaurant went to
great lengths to provide an old-timey mexican feel.
is my idea made less cute by this paragraph of explanation?)

you know what’s freakin’ typical?
this picture.
the one where i pose for one type of memory,
with nary an idea that those behind me,
make me look like an idiot by creating
a totally different type of scene.

whatever, i’m a lady, see?

i want you to see the yesteraunt’s bathrooms.
in case you were planning a bathroom remodel,
with an unlimited budget.

old time keys for faucets.
copper bowls for sinks.

and in case you thought you might include a urinal-

may i suggest a smart smelling feed trough?

the whole town had the same feel.

now does anyone see why i might want some ecuadorian food?
these are not quechuas, or quichuas either,
but geez it feels a lot like home.

moving away from that,
justin is turning out to be a major photographer.
look for his work on the walls of the
mazatlan looney bean.
if you happen to stop by.

he did a whole series of gates, doors, bars and locks.
and if anything is typical in mexico
and ecuador alike
it’s gates and doors and locks and bars.
i think this is the first time
that either of us have had
6 keys on one ring
just to get through our own hedge of protection.

even the broken doors in old city are nonetheless locked.

justin is away for an entire week.
gone down to chiapas, mexico’s southernmost province,
to tour a new coffee provider’s plantation and
get some new beans.

he has all the cameras and all the batteries so,
good stuff is on the way.
we have never been apart this long,
it’s good for us right?

since he’s gone,
i listen to the new patty griffin album,
whenever i’m at home,
and that way i’m happy and
no one else is irritated.
(as they typically would be.)

after working at the coffee shop today
i went for a read on the beach,
which has become my habit.
i read until some guys started playing
futbol nearby and nearly broke my book’s spine.
if that had not driven me away,
their little hoots and hollerings surely would have.

now, for a run on the boardwalk or malecon.
every weekday, around this time (late afternoon)
mazatlan’s fitness aficionados,
all get decked out in fancy warm-ups,
some of the actual fleece,
despite the 80 degree weather,
and go run, rollerblade, bike, walk dogs,
down the 13 mile malecon.
i have some crazy people dodging ahead of me.

tonight a few girls from the salvation army orphanage are
coming over to hang out, along with a few others.
maybe they’d like to learn a new game?
i hope! i hope!
but a lot of girls are just the talky type.

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  1. marmy permalink
    January 30, 2010 10:28

    Hello my darling! maybe the looney bean could become the ecuarant, or the kmas and you could have yourself some mashed potatoes and rice, and some locro or something. as for me, i went to alebrige with debbie R on friday night to have me a fix of mexican food and then we enjoyed a mega concert at the S. center. whoa! i love me 10th avenue north. bought their cd yesterday, would like to share it with you. i miss you mucho. saw some cool stemware at the dollar store and thought we could have fun painting it, but, shoot. i’d have to do it alone. no fun there. coffee house tonight at fairgrounds. good stuff. love you.

  2. bryan Hege permalink
    February 1, 2010 22:27

    Hey Sister,

    I’ve read all your blogs but this is my first comment. Pennsylvania is the same as ever, with growing skepticism and shrinking morality, I’d say. The songs on the radio are quite incredible, Jenna and I heard a shocking new one just last night (which was Sunday, so, even more inappropriate). Anyway… I just wanted you to know that your creative thoughts and carefully crafted sentences are delightful and digested regularly. Married life is busy. Much love to you and Justin.

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