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beauty queens, criminals & the power of suggestion.

February 16, 2010

so the tomorrow, of days ago,
turned into: today.
because our internets was down
for all those days in betwixt.

and as for today,
i’m only going to talk about one topic.
prunes & spanish sentences,
will wait for another tomorrow.

and trust me, it’s actually better this way,
because if i had written anything on that
tomorrow, i would have said
nothing whatsoever materialized
of all that carnaval shoot-out hype.

but as it turns out
one thing did.

let’s be honest,
assassination attempts on a
festival beauty queen just
sounded too petty and mean
to actually happen.

or wrong?

i can only find very
skeletal details, but
it seems
that the mexican cartels & mafia
have both been deeply invested in
mexican beauty pageants
for over 50 years now.

they buy wins for their trophy girlfriends,
they kidnap and forcibly marry winners,
contestants are found dead in hotel rooms,
and more mildly,
the power parties
just generally woo and corrupt all
the prettiest girls
of a certain age,
who will be bought with gifts,
and allured by power.

let’s face it,
that is most.
particularly when you consider
the poverty of the country
and the fact that
beauty might be a girl’s only
ticket to
the finer things.

despite concerted efforts
i cannot find any details on
what motivated the
threats this year.

i like to believe
that the carnaval queen, astrid
(who i was routing for
because she looked
the prettiest and kindest
in all her posters around town)

came by her crown honestly,
and that’s why the bad guys
were talking retaliation.

but who knows.
maybe all of it
was in the imaginations
of the skittery types.

then again
the guns and bomb
in the sand,

justin’s spanish teacher warned him
that if he saw greasy rich guys
surrounded by body guard looking types
and ladies with plastic bodies and faces,
not to look at them.

as you can imagine
if we had happened upon any such crew,
not staring, would have been difficult.

one thing i’ve established:
rumors of violence are basically part of carnaval’s allure,
but this year’s were the most violent to date, apparently.

so maybe you can guess
that what materialized of the rumors
was: a mob stampede.

reports at this point are that
just after 6pm tonight,
during the final parade,
the explosion of a rocket
caused absolute pandemonium,
as the entire crowd,
convinced that the machine gunfire
that they’d all been afraid of had begun,
started scrambling to escape.

i do mean, a quite literal stampede.
thousands of people running en masse,
trampling each other,
separating parents and children,
screaming and panicking.

the beauty queens and their entourage were
removed from their floats by armored guards.
and the parade ended immediately.

the thing is
nothing happened.

there was so much fear and loathing
and electricity in the air
that that happened.

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  1. Jenna Hege permalink
    March 3, 2010 20:06

    I love your writing style. You have a gift.

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