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coming home, excited to return

May 27, 2010

justin here:

we have spent 5 months here so far
and have a couple more weeks to go
before we step foot on US soil again.

we are excited to see family and friends,
to eat american food (real american food)
whatever that is!!!

we are excited to get a break from this heat,
we are excited to get baby stuff,
and we are excited to return to mexico.

we have spent the last 5 months building a team dynamic,
prepping and planning,
learning and growing,
building relationships,
and figuring out what it is we are to do here.

well, we (our team) knows now.
in mid-october we will be kicking off our new discipleship school.
it will run for 16 weeks.

check out information about it at

the dates are set,
the details are set (most of them),
the team is ready,
the students have sent in their applications,
and the Lord has been hard at work in our lives.

how to love the best we can.
how to care the best we can.
how to serve the best we can.

we have done what we can up to this point
to have the right conversations
and ask the right questions
to get to know each other and the prospective students.
we have laid it in the Lord’s control to bring who He wants here.
and we believe He has done so thus far.
we still have a few slots open for this first program
and all but one slot for the 2nd program of the season.

we will keep you posted as the school approaches,
and as the school progresses through the year.

please be praying that the business is successful,
and that the school is successful.

we have made some great strides on the business end of things this year,
and huge steps towards our goal of getting this school up and running.

hope to see most of you this summer while we are home.
would love to see most of you down here next season for a vacation,
the school,
to volunteer a bit,
or perhaps a short mission’s trip.

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  1. Beth permalink
    May 27, 2010 21:02

    i know. i put it up quickly. there are details to explain.

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