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June 6, 2010

so, i think the surprise circuit is over now,
and i can officially announce that we are in PA now.
we have been here since tuesday.
we flew in by jet plane.

justin’s post contained secret-keeping LIEs to fool everyone.
it was originally true, he planned a three week trip-
up the california coast and across the northern states that we’ve never met.
in fact, he put a great deal of time & effort into it,
contacting people to stay with,
clocking and charting routes,
scheduling the entire jaunt.

but then-
he showed me the plan.
and i started to feel tired.
or, rather,
i wasn’t exactly sure how i felt,
until we were sitting in a room full of people
and i blurted out:
“sometimes i wish we were just flying. and we could be in PA in one day.”
then justin sputtered:
are you serious?”
and i backed-up:
“i guess not.”

at which point justin walked out.
i imagined he’d gone back to the apartment to stew at me.
i imagined i’d have to fake excitement about the trip.

to my surprise when i got to the apartment,
he was searching for tickets.
a little peeved that i hadn’t brought up my preference earlier,
but happy to acquiesce all the same.

we booked tickets for june 1st.
and then justin decided it would be kicky to surprise our families.
we didn’t tell anyone plans changed.

i fainted in the grocery store.
and before the real story got out
rumors were flying that i had some kind of seizure!
and might have been unconscious for some thirty minutes!

i hadn’t eaten in a few hours,
and i was pretty hot,
and i fell over.
into a glass wall.
and split open my knee.
and was out maybe seven minutes.
and got 8 stitches.

that’s what happened.
but it worried the families,
and everyone started worrying that
we should fly home quick.
which was
already our plan.

only all of the sudden we were having to lie more than usual.
my mistake for fainting a few days before i was set to fly.

here we are now.
and we been surprise showing up places ever since!

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  1. Beth permalink
    June 6, 2010 19:58

    whoops! just realized my comment about the coffee on the book could have potentially tipped someone. Aghhhh! So sorry! Hope it didn’t ruin the surprise for anyone. I’m a dunce!

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