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if you give a reese a football…

August 13, 2010

even if you don’t give him one-

he’ll manage to find one
floating in the underbrush by the shoreline of the lake
while kayaking on vacation in the poconos…

then he will just have to have it.

and you’ll hope that once he has it
he’ll keep it in the hull for later.
but you’ll be wrong.

as soon as he has it
he’ll tell you he wants to throw it
at his brothers’ canoes.

and you’ll say
that you think that’s a bad idea.
“when they throw it back, it’ll hit me in the head”

you’ll say.

but he’ll tell you
“i’ll catch it, this is what we do”
and he’ll try to hit his brother in the back.

and then all the reese boys and girls
will be throwing the football betwixt boats-

until the football lands back in the water.

that’s when a reese will have to race.

he’ll aim his kayak right
at his oldest brother’s canoe,
and his brother will have to race at him too.

and you’ll sit in the front and laugh until
you notice that how this ends is

with the canoe running up over the top of you.

so you’ll throw your hands out
to push it away
but still you and your baby will
take a hit to the right of your life vest.

and that’s when you’ll remember
that you thought this might be a bad idea.
and he’ll say he’s sorry again and again
and you’ll know he is.

but you won’t be upset because
you always knew
if you give a reese a football…
(or any challenge for that matter)
he’ll have to chase it.

and it’s just one more funny story to tell his daughter one day.

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