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anybody seen my ankles?

September 17, 2010

no. no you have not.
you could not possibly, they are gone for the being-time.

we are back HOME now in mazatlan.
after several weeks of traveling.

justin & steve drove across america the scenic way,
and stopped to see many things.  i got to see the pictures,
and fly to LA in a single day.  which was fine by my ankles.

i am jealous of being this close to a bison burger-

that is in yellowstone.
this is bryce canyon-

after us ladies arrived-

we spent about a week together in california,
getting to visit crowley lake for the first time,
put faces and places with the lonsdales home town,
which i have been hearing about since i was 8.
it was absolutely beautiful,
and delicious.
we stayed in guesthouse motor homes in the yard of
our friends the czeschins,
and got gourmet organic meals the entire time,
plus free lessons in wakesurfing-
from tommy czeschin himself,
the owner of crowley wake.

here he is with his son owen-

he made it look simple,
and windsor, his wife did it 8 months pregnant,
but i… well i didn’t try.
justin and steve both had a pretty good time though.

we also got plenty of free parenting lessons,
since tommy and windsor have owen and raegan,
and steve and beth have breckyn,
and we can’t wait to meet elsie.
here are rae rae and breckyn becoming best friends-

after that we went to debbie’s wedding.
which was super.
then we went and stayed in her empty house in pasadena while
she and andy were on their honeymoon.
so that justin and steve could talk to churches about sending their younguns to maz.

then justin and steve drove away again,
and beth and i waited to fly to mazatland.
she got to spend the weekend with her aunt,
and i got to hang out with dan and lauren joneses.
which was wonderful.
though, i was starting to get anxious to set up nest,
as they say happens.

the second we got here
we went to work and well,
now we are just waiting to meet our daughter,
start the program,
kick off the season.

there is a lot to do still though…
little details to pull together.
it’s just hard to want to do more than one thing a day,
because the air so thick with heat and water,
one can barely move though it.
we generally jump in the pool the moment a task is done,
or if it’s a home task, maybe three times while completing.
good times.

internet’s not up yet.
maybe you can tell,
based on how i’m rushing to complete this blog,
sweating in the coffee shop,
distracted by thoughts of the pool.

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  1. marmy permalink
    September 17, 2010 22:13

    let’s see a picture of your ankles! oh an your face, and elsie too.

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