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my how like a weed mine baby doth grow!

December 9, 2010

justin got me a kindle for my birthday,
and it is fabioso.

the first thing i did was get a bunch of literary classics,
you know, books that in conversation
i may have -by omission-  pretended i had read,
because i am familiar with the story lines. but in reality
i had never actually read most of the books themselves.

the cool thing is these books are typically public domain,
and therefore available either free or very cheap for kindle.

i started with the brontë sisters, and am working through them now.
i am enjoying myself immensely,  i see now why they are classic.
also it makes me want to talk fancy.
and occasionally live a little fancier too.
then again,
nothing really beats kindle-reading in my sweatpants
in the wee hours of the morrow whilst mine baby dineth.

speaking of—
look at this tubby bird!

she is such a sweetum.
she just eats, sleeps
& hangs out.
well, sometimes
she gets tummyaches.
but that’s mostly my fault,
because i’m still
pinning down
what she doesn’t like
for me to eat.
definitely, definitely,
never spicy food.
even, a little spicy,
what i don’t count as spicy.
GIMMEABREAK elsie-loo!
we live in el me-HICO.

elsie turned 2 months
for her two monthday
she decided
to crawl herself
all limbs akimbo
right over her boppy-
thereby loudly telling
we, her parents,
that if ever we doubted it,
she is not to be left unattended.
not everly.


2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 11, 2010 11:51

    her smile is
    beautiful &
    sweet. :)
    babies are the best.

  2. December 16, 2010 15:47

    I was so thankful Canaan didn’t have a sensitive stomach. I ate spicy and I ate beans and I ate lots of cupcakes too but that’s not really related. But it’s part of my balance theory: my child didn’t sleep but he was a-okay with spicy.

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