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January 23, 2011

pretty sure the thing with blogging is
one must update with consistency
or readers will quit checking,
become frustrated,
lose interest.

time to kick this thing back into gear.

what has been happening?

here: the first ever semester of
Introduction to Marketplace Ministry
is coming to an end on saturday.
no finals here, but plenty of busy-ness.

last week the whole team (sans wives & babies)
went on a mission trip to a little fishing town called teacapan.
they stayed in tents at a nearby campground,
put on a few events for the local church plant and
then spent all day every day
painting and building for a future conference center
where small church plant pastors will be trained.

they arrived home exhausted on thursday night,
but will not really get much of a break
as this week we are building again!

all semester long the program students have donated the
money they would have earned for hours working at the coffee shop
to help build a home for a poor family in the neighborhood where
they have been running a kids club every wednesday afternoon.
the neighborhood is a shanty-town called “little hell”
and the government recently started giving deeds for the land
that poor families have been squatting on
so that they will put up permanent structures.

we have decided to help a single mom, whose husband fled
after getting caught up in cartel trouble.
she had already shown initiative, by acquiring the deed to her land,
saving up money and gradually purchasing pieces to a home
(for example: coil to install electricity).

so this week, in addition to working regular shifts at the shop,
they will working on various projects at her house.

despite my lack of updating,
it has been a truly wonderful semester.
the kids have connected really well and turned this community
into a little family.

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