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on publicizing to do lists- not recommended for perfectionists.

February 17, 2011

i don’t know if you’ve noticed but – it’s been a week.

on the tenth i managed to complete every item on the need to side.
not surprising i suppose, as i am the one who qualified them as
need to in the first place, clearly i felt they were important.

lucky for me, i also did them in order,
because at the time i had no idea that
around 2pm two things would happen

first: the water in the house would break.
i do not fully understand the exact details of this event,
you need only know what i did – there was no water in our house
& would be none, until the men would fix it late that evening.

& second: elsie would write her own to-do list
containing one bullet in big black letters –

at that moment, my list was overridden. almost entirely.
i did get in one want to
we went for a much necessary, very long walk.
despite this usual cure-all calming activity,
her to-do persisted.

hither thither, she is fine now.
over the course of the last week i have gradually checked things off.
i wrote the dates beside them so you can see.

the publicity of the list had a dangerously powerful effect on me,
in that it made me do things i didn’t even want to anymore.
for example, i totally decided i didn’t want painted nails
yet it kept firing in my brain that i had said i wanted to, so i better, so i did.

that was risky business.
i didn’t think it all the way through-
and so found myself sitting with half-painted nails
realizing that if elsie woke up we’d be in a hot pink mess.

i really did want to cut my hair though,
and probably wouldn’t have found the motivation to without this list,
so thank you for that, invisible internet peer pressurizer.

knitting – here i come!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 10, 2011 05:45

    If my to-do lists looked as organized and delightful as yours, i might actually accomplish more.
    …it would be too delightful to mark off… and nothing would get done.
    its hard to say.

  2. sara jean permalink
    March 22, 2011 03:02

    I forgot our mutual love/compulsive list making…I am secretly ashamed and very proud of my lists!

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